Everything started with short travels. Each trip we had became a reason for the new one. Our courage was brought to its peak point as we traveled in South America, down to the end of the world. We have started thinking that we can travel anywhere. In the end we made up our minds to start a world trip. 
Like most people, we were dreaming about having a good result in university entrance exams in order to study at good universities and afterwards finding a good job in a corporate firm. All of them came true. However we realized that this is not what we want and we decided to leave from the safe harbor. We are leaving; for questioning the life, for exploring different lives in different lands, for reading the other pages of the world that we haven't read yet.  
"Başka Türlü Bir Şey"
(something different) 
something different, what i want is
neither like a tree nor a cloud
the land i will go, is not same as here
its sea is a distinct sea,
its climate is a distinct climate...






İsmail ÖZGER

Being on the roads...



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