Başka Türlü Bir Şey, going back home...
Tuesday, 23 August 2011 00:47
DSC_1020It was an ordinary evening, we had been to dinnner after an exhausting day with full of meetings. We came back to home, recent days' popular idea, round the world trip was being spoken at Libadiye. Again it seemed as just an idea and speech. Would this life continue from house to work and back to house as this always? All days were just the same. Whereas how nice would it be to fulfil Mevlana's quote. "How nice to move everyday from one place to another, how pleasant to flow clearly without getting muddy." And that evening a decision was made...

- Dude let's do it.
- Man, we always talk about it but there are plenty of obstacles. For instance how to solve the money issue?
- Worst case, we can sell our cars. The real problem is how to explain it to families.
- It might be difficult for them but we can convince.
- Off...My mom will be sad. They expect us to marry, and what we try to do is ...
- ...
- Will we need to quit the job ?
- Sure, is there another option ? If you would like we can try to do it on annual vacation, we can just have a walk around and come back. What are we gonna do when we are back ?
- We are not supposed to think about it now, we can find something to continue our life. Visas will be also problem. Many countries, are we gonna travel with visa application documents?
DSC_1581- We can get some of them from here and some on the road.
- All these can be solved, if not now then when ?
- Definitely! Let's start making a list.
- Yes. You get a pen and a piece of paper, I will prepare tea.
- OK.
- Let's start, 1 - ?
- ...
- ...
- We should prepare a web site.
- That's crucial, what can be the name ?
- ...
- Bull's eye, Başka Türlü Bir Şey...
This adventure started in such an evening and that evening none of us were aware what was waiting for us. Because;

DSC_0195We would find ourselves in a train that is moving through the taiga forest of Siberia for days continually. Buryatians that we hadn't heard their names before and whom we became so close immediately, would got off from the train in the middle of night and embrace us just to say good bye.

We would swim in the turquoise waters of Pacific ocean with many sharks and giant turtles.

We would hitch-hike on the desolated South America roads for hours, we could travel sometimes 15 km and sometimes for all day.

We didn't know much about Far East. We would admire the courtesy of Koreans and Japanese. Lights of Seoul, Tokyo, Singapur and Hong Kong would dazzle us.

In India's biggest city, in a chaotic train station we would stay without passport, money. We would be friends with homeless people, eat only bread for 2 days and sleep in the train station with rats.
DSC_0091We would make our first steps in China on a foggy Beijing day, would be shocked by its culture. We would enjoy the happiness of talking with our roots who are Uyghurs. We would get lost inside the hazy rice terraces in south China, in a village where there are even no foreigners nor Chinese, we would be guest in Hani people's dinner.

We would enjoy tens of border passing over land, each time we pass our Turkish passports we would see bewildered looks of officers. In every identification check on the roads we would be the only people interrogated, and asked for getting off from the vehicle.

We would admire to the beauty of world's biggest salt flat Salar de Uyuni, we would see fireflies the first time in our life on the way to Machu Picchu which took days to reach.

DSC_0238Traveling wouldn't be easy, we would change place avaragely every 4 days, we would sleep in 100 different floors approximately. Sometimes a hammock, sometimes a train or bus seat, sometimes an internet cafe cabine even sometimes a train station waiting hall where plenty of rats run around would be our bed.

We would travel dusty and crimson roads of Laos on motorbike, we would swim with children in the rivers of the villages on the way, we would play water fight with whole country people. We would have an accident by motorbike at midnight, as we arrived in Luang Prabang with blood, oil, dirt and water on our bodies, we wouldn't forget the sandwich we ate that we could fortuantely find it in the middle of night.

We would see many world wonders such as Angkor Wat, Tac Mahal, Borobudur, Great China Wall and temples and shrines of Kyoto with our eyes.

DSC_0454 Being on the road would be our basic purpose that approximately we would spend 1324 hours on the road. We would use almost any vehicles for this. Train, bus, minibus, truck, ship, tuk tuk, riksha, bicycle, motorbike, scooter, car, 4WD, speed boat, bamboo boat, cessna plane, canoe even police car would be among vehicles we used.

We would listen music on the road and would not be able to prevent 2 drops of tears from eyes, we would hide the heart breaks somewhere deep inside.

We would witness the elephants enjoying their bath in Nepal, inside the river that we have been by chance. We would witness the roar of a tiger in its natural environment. We would walk 40 metres above in world's oldest rain forest Taman Negara and we would watch flowing of the Amazon and Negro rivers without mixing in wonders.

After the long and freezing bus journeys, we would enjoy the vicious waters of the Caribbeans. On the way to the sea we would taste the coconuts falling from the trees.

We would meet hundreds of interesting people on the road besides we would see them again and again in different parts of the world by chance. At Penang city of Malaysia, we would sell bracelets with another traveler. In South Korea, Busan, we would drink Mehmet Abi's tea and listen his homesickness for Turkey.
DSC_1097At the roof of the world Tibet, we would witness the pilgrimage of the villagers and how they come to holy city Lhasa on foot for days. We would watch their tears in the temples in wonders.

In the vast Gobi dessert where each Mongolian finds its own way we would sleep in yurts, we would see the stars so bright that we had never seen before and every 10 minutes we would see a shooting star. Silence of the dessert would echo in our ears, we would enjoy this real silence.

Many times we would not be able to take shower, many nights we would have to sleep hungry. Turkish foods would come to our dreams. We would struggle with diseases for long time, we would have to go to the emergency services of the hospitals at the countries such as Nepal and India.

We would meet with fellows Aycan, Koray and Dilek this time not in Üsküdar nor in Taksim but in Khaosan Road of Bangkok. Bangkok would be our second home. Kurtuluş, whom we always felt beside during our trip would company us in Indonesia and Singapore, we would sing wish you were here loudly in the middle of night together with him.
DSC_0324We would make thousands of shots with our cameras which was exposed to salt, mud, dessert sand, sea, rain, water fight and waterfall. Our third camera would be our most precious property which was gifted by our precious friends.

We would ski on sand instead of snow in Peru, after having some confidence we would tumble many times.

We would cycle at full speed at world's most dangerous road in Bolivia, just to reach to Angel Falls, we would have to travel for days wet.

Being a Turk would be so funny sometimes, those who learn that we are Turkish would crave to talk to us, an Indian guy who told us the result of Galatasaray match at our worst day would make us smile. Sometimes being a Turk would be difficult, those who learn that we are Turkish would turn back and run away in order not to communicate with us.

We would visit the peak of the world Everest at year's coldest time, the same night without any heating, in a freezing room we would try to sleep.
IMG_8088We would go to police offices at unexpected times. We would hope for help from the Mongolian police who met us with his undershirts or from Indian police who kept on eating his meal with his hand instead of answering our request.

In North of Thailand in a train journey, in the middle of night, we would wake up in flames, suddenly we would be in middle of a crowd. While people were jumping from the windows we would stare at each other with astonishment.

We would listen many unusual street musicians in every corner of the world, sometimes we would company them singing.

We would be hosted like kings in Shanghai by Dinçer and Müge, we would hang out with Evren at Shanghai nights. We would meet with Engin in Russia, Serhan in South Korea and India and Lora in South America and fulfill longing with them.

DSC_00622We would miss our families and friends ineffably, we would appreciate people who supported us with their messages particularly to Cuneyt360 and Barış who inspired us for this travel.

This adventure would last around 400 days, we would tread streets of 26 countries and 96 cities. We would travel around 90.000 kilometers over land.

And all these would be our world trip that we could never forget for all our life...
Başka Türlü Bir Şey
- We are not supposed to think about it now, we can find something to continue our life. Visas will be also problem. Many countries, are we gonna travel with visa application documents?