-How did we decide the route ? 
During the planning of the trip we marked the places on the world map that we want to see. Later we combined these points and generated a line basicly, this became our route. But we knew this line could change by the trip conditions. As a matter of fact, it happened.

Planned Route




-Why Africa is not in the route ? 
Defintely, Africa is among the places we want to see. We didn't have the chance to travel in all continents. The distances on the map make people feel less but it is not same going from home to work. Since we travel over land even going from one city to another might take several days. Just traveling in China took 2 months which means we needed extra few more months to travel in great Africa. That's why we postponed Africa leg to other trips. 


Actual Route


-Why we skipped Australia and New Zealand ?  
Although Australia and New Zealand were in our itinerary we didn't have the chance to visit there. Because we spent more time in Asia than we estimated and the winter had already started in Australia. Time and budget issues also made this situation more difficult and we postponed Oceania trip to other time. 

These drawings represents the itinerary basicly. In order to see the detailed route which shows the countries, cities and regions that we have been with the dates please click here.





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